At METAL GODZ, we definitely like to push the boundaries of Creativity and Design with our Custom Garage Interiors and Extreme Man Caves. 

You will see our work in many Club Houses, Hang Outs, Man Caves & Garages from West Van to Hope.  It all starts first with an IDEA and of course a BUDGET.  When our clients come to us, its because what they want cannot be found in stores. They want CUSTOM! And that's what we give them!

For Garages, Tinker Shops, Tool Sheds or what have you, Our goal is to maximize every inch of your space. And through the power and strength of METAL, we can make anything Fold Up, Drop Down, Rise Up or Slide Out.  First, We take the time to completely understand our clients goals and desired function for their space AND THEN we get started on all the GOODIES!! 

If you are a woodworker, maybe its a CUSTOM ROLLING WORK CART with benches and all of your equipment mounted to it … so when its not in use fits perfectly in front of or beside your car until its time to use it. 

Or maybe you are a part time mechanic, We can give a killer CUSTOM WORK BENCH customized specifically for pounding, torqueing, or grinding on! 

Or maybe you just want everything clean and tidy. We make CUSTOM SHELVING that fits your stuff perfectly. We are extremely creative when it comes to organization and finding the right storage solution that best fits your needs!

But if that's not SEXY enough for you, we can also make any bench top or work table flip over to reveal a CUSTOM POKER TABLE for you and the boys to sit around...Or maybe the tool board on your wall is hinged and opens up to your PRIVATE LIQUOR DISPLAY! 

So...Tell us what you want and lets get things going!

And now for the MAN CAVES... 

Again here at METAL GODZ, everything is Custom! We can completely transform your space into whatever you want! We are great at themes and we are more than confident we will exceed your expectations!

  • Pool Table Bases 
  • Cue Racks
  • Couches
  • Poker Tables 
  • Bars & Liquor Displays
  • Wine Cellars 
  • Trophy Cases

 And upon request (and yes almost every time its been requested), we can incorporate Hidden Compartments into any piece of furniture we custom build for our clients! Because who doesn't love a good hiding spot right?  

But again, if that's not SEXY enough for you, We also specialize in Secret Doors & Hidden Rooms. The strength of metal allows us to pull off some crazy stuff for our clients! Bring us your wild ideas and lets have some fun!

Unfortunately... We have a strict NO PICTURE policy for our clients in regards to the "one of a kind" pieces we build for them so you wont see any pictures of them on our site. Sorry.

So what are you waiting for?? Call us TODAY!